gadook Doogh

To maintain the highest quality, we pack our products using automatic machinery equipped with Aseptic Filling technology.

Gadook Special Doogh
A unique product with the highest quality in a special package.

Gadook Cup Doogh
For restaurants, fast-food services and catering centers, with a beautiful and high quality packaging.

Vashi sports water
Quality mineral water in 750 cc volume suitable for sports and sports places with an attractive and unique design in the form of sports dumbbells.

Gadook special traditional Doogh
(with aromatic herbs)
The highest quality together with optional aromatic herbs that is provided separately has made this Doogh a special one with ideal quality, recommended to all people in any age.

Gadook 1-litre Doogh
To avoid using any artificial substance and to prevent the side effects, Gadook uses traditional herbal extracts with therapeutic properties and natural flavour.

Gadook Effervescent Doogh
Since this Doogh is carbonated by a quite natural process and no gas has been fed into it, The bacteria present inside it is very useful for the digestive system of the body, and it helps food digestion.

Vashi Drinking Water
Gadook Food Industry Co. has selected the brand-name "Vashi" for its drinking water product.
Vashi water comes from the natural springs of the great Alborz mountain and is packed by the world's most advanced machineries.

Vashi Doogh
Since the product in Aseptic technology is processed and packed in a closed system, harmful microorganisms cannot enter inside it. So quality is kept at the highest and there will be no change in taste, smell or color of the product.

​Gadook 2.5-litre Doogh
To provide our required water we use healthy and refreshing mineral water of the region Firoozkooh which itself originates from the heights of the great Alborz mountains.
The 2.5-liter Dough is prepared for the purpose of being used in travels and in formal parties. Just pour the powder (embedded in the side of bottle) inside it and leave the bottle in refigerator for 20 minutes to cool down. Then it's ready to drink!

Gadook Bag Doogh

For family's everyday use

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